CACs of WI provides education to state and federal legislators on CACs and a CAC’s role in child maltreatment investigations. Many chapter members of CACs of WI are also members of state-wide committees and Task Forces developed to discuss issues pertaining to child welfare and child abuse issues.

Education & Training

CACs of WI sponsors and provides statewide education on multi-disciplinary approaches to the investigation of child abuse, treatment of child abuse victims, and prosecution of criminal child abuse and neglect, including several state-wide conferences for child abuse professionals. CACs of WI members assist in the education of staff on best practices in the field of child maltreatment.


CACs of WI provides leadership and guidance to community groups who are initiating the work of starting a CAC. CACs of WI chapter members meet quarterly to discuss issues relevant to the chapter, ideas for improving services and current developments in the field of child abuse and neglect. CACs of WI serves as a conduit to its members regarding issues deemed important by National Children’s Alliance (NCA).